Starting summer with a 10-week internship

Twelve students have joined the annual Pawsey Summer Internship program, which began in November this year.

Annually, this 10-week intensive internship program selects students to delve deeper into their scientific areas through high-performance computing.

Students are supervised by project leads on their respective projects, which range from geophysical use of HPC, atomic and molecular photon collisions and carbon molecular dynamic simulations, quantum statistical algorithms, genomic mapping, sampling and genetic analyses, automatic seismic interpretation and critical infrastructure monitoring using deep learning and martian impact crater detection.

To learn more about the students and their projects, read their dedicated profiles on Pawsey’s Facebook page.

Projects this year come from institutions across Australia including Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, ICRAR, Curtin University, the University of Western Australia, Murdoch University, Monash University and RMIT University.

With the internships ending in February, the students have been tasked to present their work as posters during the first Pawsey Friday of 2020.

Visit Pawsey’s Facebook page to learn more about each student, the studies they are undertaking and their internships.