A celebration of women and girls in science

We were delighted to mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science with the visit of the Minister for Science and Technology Hon Melissa Price and four WA Superstars in STEM, which features a number of our own Pawsey superstars.

At Pawsey, our mission is to enable science and accelerate discovery, and we can help achieve these goals by advocating for women to enter, develop, represent and lead in every scientific field.

Today we welcome four amazing scientists who represent the immense talent, knowledge and drive we see each day among all the researchers and scientists who work with our facility.

But they also hold a special role as the trailblazers for a generation of women and girls who will see their achievements and see themselves reflected on the way.

The message You can’t be what you can’t see is an important one, and at Pawsey we are actively trying to develop future Superstars of STEM through the provision of early career and internship positions with 46 interns in 2022, 18 of them female.

It is one step in a long journey, and we welcomed the commitment shown by the Federal Government today with the announcement of additional funding to support women in STEM, the ongoing commitment by Science & Technology Australia to this critical challenge, and the stellar results of the Superstars in STEM project to date.

We were honour to have the opportunity to acknowledge and champion the success and talent of our Western Australian women researchers, scientists and technologists.