Our hardware is exciting but our people are more than that

The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is what it is, because of its world-class expertise.

Without its knowledgable staff, the Centre would not have its reputation of excelling and advancing Australian science.

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Ali Zamani
Visualisation Specialist

Ali is a Visualisation Specialist with an engineering background and specialises in visualising scientific data.

With extensive exposure to VTK technology and script visualisation this puts him in good stead to supply researchers with an in-depth insight into their simulation, resulting in an integrated time-efficient workflow. His experience of working on fluid flow in porous media is a significant asset in the support of geoscientists.

Ali provides customised high-end hardware/software packages for different case studies in Geoscience, Petroleum Engineering, CFD, and eHealth. His extensive knowledge in image segmentation and processing of microscopy images (micro-CT, SEM) helps generating large-scale visualisations in high-resolution.

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Audrey Xie Stott
HPC Research Fellow

Having completed a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine and a Master of Biomedical Science (Human Biology), Audrey has experience in both clinical and research settings. Her interest lies in the area of bioinformatics, where crossover from bench to bedside is taken place. With her strong background in biology, she joins the Pawsey Team to work on accessibility of HPC for bioinformatics.

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Chris Schlipalius
Team Lead - Senior Storage Systems Administrator

Chris brings more than 20 years’ experience in IT infrastructure used for higher education and academic research purposes.

Chris is responsible for the Pawsey Data Services Storage Infrastructure, and his experience covers designing, procuring, commissioning and managing storage and server hardware, filesystems, operating systems and hypervisors.

Chris manages a team of Storage and HSM Systems Administrators, who together, maintain, manage and ensure Data Services are provided to Pawsey researchers, who require storage of, and access to their Research Data Collections of National Significance.

Pawsey Research Data Services provide storage and use of research data collections in either a dedicated RDS storage file system, or in the Pawsey General Science Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) system, both of which are accessible via the Pawsey Data Portal.

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Gregory Orange
System Administrator (Cloud)
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Jeffrey Jiang
Storage Systems Administrator

Jeffrey is a highly experienced Data Infrastructure Specialist. He holds a Masters in Software Engineering and is certified in PMP and IBM AIX.

Prior to joining Pawsey in 2015, he was employed by IBM Spectrum Storage Engineering, where he developed his strong skills base in designing and implementing enterprise storage systems for large scale supercomputing clusters.

Jeffrey is currently designing, implementing and will manage next generation Pawsey software defined, unified storage for research data and nimbus cloud. He is also setting up an in-place analytics platform to provide multiple spark instances on shared hardware for data scientists and data engineers.

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Jeremy Phillips
Systems Administrator

Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Engineering which he completed with Honours.

With more than 22 years’ experience working in IT, he commenced with CSIRO in 2008 before moving to Pawsey in 2012. Jeremy has been involved with systems administration and supporting cloud infrastructure, and since 2014 he has been responsible for running the WA node of the NeCTAR Research Cloud.

Jeremy is now Technical Lead for the Pawsey Nimbus cloud, which commenced operations in 2017.

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Jesse Helliwell
Visualisation Specialist

Jesse is a visualisation specialist with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Games Technology from Murdoch University.

He has several years for experience in the visualisation space including at the Curtin Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch (Curtin HIVE).

His specialisations include Virtual and Mixed reality simulations, and visualisation of multi-disciplinary research data on large scale displays.

Jesse Also completed a Pawsey/iVec internship in 2010.

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Lachlan Campbell
Research Data Specialist
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Luca Cervigni
Infrastructure Architect
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Luke Edwards
Data Specialist

Luke completed a Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science) with Honours from The University of WA. 

Since commencing with Pawsey in 2008, he has held for variety of positions including working on various NCRIS capabilities such as IMOS and TERN (Auscover).  He was Project Manager for a NeCTAR eResearch Tool project (CATAMI), and currently works as a Data Specialist assisting and advising researchers on the use of Pawsey’s resources.

Luke undertakes various outreach, engagement, support and training activities to drive uptake of services.  He also currently works as the Data Manager for WAMSI (Western Australian Marine Science Institution).

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Mark Gray
Head of Scientific Platforms

The research cloud service at Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is called Nimbus.  It is utilised by researchers around the globe. 

Mr Gray brings a strong research and data management background to his role of managing all aspects of this service.  This includes procurement, deployment, training, user expectation management – and leadership of the team who administer and operate the service. 

Mr Gray represents Pawsey Supercomputing Centre both nationally and internationally, with respect to the use of Nimbus.  He also provides project management skills for projects of key strategic importance to the Centre.

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Paul Newman
Senior Storage Systems Administrator
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Scott Atkinson
Senior Hierarchical Storage Management Administrator

Mr Atkinson brings 30 years of experience in IT for education and research purposes – combined with a background in mechanical engineering – to his current responsibilities within Storage Services. 

His current work spans backups, storage hardware, file system creation and management and hierarchical storage management. 

Mr Atkinson provides advice regarding the operation of the Supercomputing Centre building and support systems.  His previous roles have traversed a wide spectrum related to hardware, user and software support – including Manager of the IT Support Team for the CSIRO.

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Sean Fleming
Team Lead - Senior Data Specialist

Sean commenced his career as a researcher in the domain of computational chemistry.

Since joining Pawsey in 2013 he has become an expert in a wide range of programming languages and technologies, particularly in the areas of grid computing and visualisation. Sean also specialises in: Data analysis, programming and visualisation.

Sean’s formal qualifications include a PhD in Computational Chemistry and a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physics and he is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow both at Curtin University and the Technical University of Delft.

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Shree Lakshmi Ramesh Babu
PhD Student

Shree is a PhD student working on visualisation software that can help project managers to effectively analyse business risks in 3D. Shree holds a Bachelor Honours degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Curtin University. Shree has worked as an intern with Curtin University HIVE on a visualisation research project and has experience as a software engineer from Secure2Go Pvt. Ltd.

With interest towards visualisation and software development, Shree intends to extend her knowledge set in the field of VTK, C++ programming and business risk domain through her research project by simultaneously contributing to knowledge in the field of business risk analysis and contributing to practice in the field of 3D data visualisation.

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Ugo Varetto
Chief Technical Officer

Mr Varetto is an accomplished manager, bringing international experience, including computational science, research, supporting complex, distributed software solutions, software engineering and development, architecture and testing to Pawsey.

His focus is particularly on data-intensive high-performance computing, interactive-distributed visualisation solutions, with ‘real world’ experience of leading distributed teams across several continents. 

He has held key roles in significant projects, such as the EU funded ‘Human Brain Project’ and also contributed to numerous research projects with the European supercomputing infrastructure. 

His current work includes developing scalable artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions on HPC systems and integrating interactive, in situ visualisation with data mining.

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Yathu Sivarajah
Visualisation Specialist

Leading the visualisation at Pawsey Supercomputing Centre. His duties include helping researchers to develop workflows to visualise large scientific data using the Pawsey remote visualisation infrastructure, training researchers on various visualisation related topics, and design, implement and maintain various visualisation systems and services at Pawsey.

PhD in Geophysics from UWA, specialising in visualisation, human-data interactions and human-machine interactions.