Big Data Week is back!

Pawsey is pleased to present Big Data Week once again, a week-long celebration of big data that involves various events around Perth.

“Big data” is a buzz phrase that has been on the tip of everyone’s tongues lately. But what is big data and why do we need it? Big data surrounds us. We interact with data and create it through our increasing use of smart technologies and the internet on a daily basis. Big data is the mammoth sets of data we make and the analyses and interpretation we can take from it. The explosion of data generation and the Internet of Things has created a lot of excitement about both the collection of data and how we are using it. While experts are touting that big data insights are set to transform almost every industry sector, the question is: are you ready for the big data revolution?

Perth Big Data Week 2017 is an opportunity for researchers, students, and anyone who is interested in data to engage in big data activities and events.

Big Data Week kicks off May 8 and runs until May 12, 2017. Come along to one of the many events and learn how big data is being used in Western Australia, and how big data can work for you.

Some events of the Perth Big Data Week 2017 are listed below.

Monday 8th May 2017

Tuesday 9th May 2017

Wednesday 10th May 2017

Thursday 11th May 2017

Friday 12th May 2017