Data Powering Entrepreneurship

To celebrate Perth Big Data Week 2017, CORE Innovation Hub, FLUX and Spacecubed hosted a joint event discussing what Big Data looks like from an entrepreneur’s perspective.

CORE: Data Powering Entrepreneurship

Guest speakers included innovators at the cutting edge of big data across a range of sectors:

  • Jasmine Ward (moderator) – Co founder, Cribber and Ventures Analyst, Navitas Ventures
  • Sean Barry – Product Manager – Growth, HealthEngine
  • Damien Pontifex – Senior Software & Machine Learning Engineer, Boundlss
  • Gavin Strack – Co-Founder/Director, Convergio
  • David Newman – Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Ovass

The panel explored the use of big data in business and how vast data streams can be used to recognise patterns and occurrences to streamline efficiencies in making business decisions. “Big Data allows business to convert data to information, information to insight, insight to Intelligence and intelligence into value”, said David Newman, CEO and Co-founder of Ovass.

Without a doubt, panel members all agreed on the importance of data and its extensive influence on advances in technology, business and society.

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