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Acacia Workshop Conduct 3 (Online and In-Person)

Join Pawsey specialists for a workshop on using the Acacia object store

This is a hybrid event – you can join in-person in Perth or online.

Please join at 9.30am (AWST) to connect to Setonix and Acacia, and to test that you successfully installed the two S3 clients. Instructions to follow. Training begins promptly at 10.00am (AWST).

This 5-hour workshop introduces the Acacia object store and discusses how to use it from Setonix and your computer.

Please bring to the workshop a laptop with both administrator and command line access, so you can install the MinIO and Rclone client software. This software will be used during the workshop.

Workshop syllabus:

  • Introduction: Object storage and how it differs from filesystems
  • Tutorial 1 – Access keys for your connection to Acacia
  • Tutorial 2 – Acacia from the command line
    • Creating and managing buckets
    • Copying files to and from Acacia objects
    • Accessing and working with object metadata
    • Creating public URL’s to share objects with colleagues
    • Synchronising directories to the object store
  • Tutorial 3 – Using Acacia in HPC workflows
    • Best practices for moving data on Pawsey systems
    • TAR files and how they can make data more manageable
    • How to integrate object storage into your supercomputer job workflows

The scratch filesystem on Setonix has a 30-day retention policy. Acacia is designed for longer term (project) storage.

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