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AMD Profiling

26 April - 27 April 2023
9:00am - 2:00pm

Join George Markomanolis, Principal Member Of Technical Staff at AMD as they discuss AMD profiling – tools that let you analyse performance of your code on CPUs, GPUs as well as at scale in parallel on the entire system.

This training will be covered over two days: 26 – 27 April 2023, 9am – 2pm AWST.

Introduction to the AMD Omnitools: Omnitrace and Omniperf

This two half-day workshops will cover the AMD suite of tools for development of HPC applications on AMD GPUs. There will be a presentation on how to use the rocprof profiler and trace visualization tool that has long been available as part of the ROCm software suite. You will learn how to use the new Omnitools, omnitrace and omniperf that were introduced at the end of 2022. Omnitrace is a powerful tracing profiler for both CPU and GPU. It can collect data from a much wider range of sources and includes hardware counters and sampling approaches. Omniperf is a performance analysis tool that can help you pinpoint how your application is performing with a visual view of the memory hierarchy on the GPU as well as reporting the percentage of peak for many different measurements.

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