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Cosmic Machines

Registrations have now closed for Cosmic Machines.

The use of Machine Learning in Astronomy is rapidly increasing, and the opportunities its powerful techniques present are exciting. However, the scope and dynamism of Machine Learning can make the task of starting to use it seem daunting. To assist researchers the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and Astronomy Data and Computing Services (ADACS) present Cosmic Machines – an online workshop where participants will be guided through a hands-on introduction to the use of Machine Learning in observational astronomy. The focus will be on gaining an appreciation for the utility of Machine Learning and how to quickly get started using it in your own research.

ADACS is a collaboration between Swinburne University, Curtin University, and the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, funded by Astronomy Australia Ltd, via the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy, that aims to provide focused astronomy training, support and expertise to assist astronomers to maximise the scientific return from data and computing infrastructure.

During the Cosmic Machines workshop,  we will provide you with data, code and access to a GPU – everything you need to enable you to take your first steps into the realm of ML in astronomy!


Prerequisites for participants

Skills: Exposure to programming, no specific language required

Equipment: Laptop or PC with internet and browser


Challenge: Can we write a program to classify galaxies in SDSS images to better than 90% accuracy?
11:00 am to 11:30 am Setting the scene – Introduction to Pawsey & cloud computing
11:30 am to 12:00 pm Introduction to Machine Learning – Artificial neural networks and Deep Learning
12:00 pm to 12:30 pm Object detection – Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks
12:30 pm to 12:45 pm Break
12:45 pm to 1:00 pm A Swiss army knife for research – Introduction to jupyter notebooks
1:00 pm to 1:30 pm Finding data – Machine Learning open data sets
1:30 pm to 2:00 pm Using the sweat of someone else’s brow – Introduction to Transfer Learning
2:00 pm to 2:30 pm Other challenges? – Identifying fireballs in Desert Fireball Network images with CNNs
2:30 pm to 2:45 pm Break
2:45 pm to 3:00 pm Review and Q&A



Registrations have now closed for Cosmic Machines. 

For more information or any questions, email help@pawsey.org.au

Organised by:

ADACS & The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre