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EoI for Nextflow workshop and hackathon at Pawsey

11 November - 14 November 2019
8:00am - 5:00pm
Event cost: $200

The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre is pleased to advise that Nextflow main developers, Paolo Di Tommaso and Evan Floden, from the Barcelona Centre for Genomic Regulation will be in Perth to conduct a four-day workshop, which also includes a two-day hackathon.  We are seeking expressions of interest from small teams of researchers who would like the opportunity to attend the workshop on 11-14 November 2019.


Nextflow is a widely adopted scientific workflow system for running high throughput genomic applications across cloud and clusters. With over 15,000 downloads per month, it is fast becoming a de facto technology platform for running HPC life-science workloads on-premise and in cloud environments.

Despite having been designed within the context of bioinformatics, the tool is not domain specific, and can be applied to any scientific field that makes use of computational pipelines, including but not restricted to data science, radioastronomy, …


The workshop will run over a four-day period in Perth.  It is intended for any PhD student, post-doc, researcher, or support specialist using or developing computational pipelines. The workshop will cover the Nextflow technology starting from basic through to advanced concepts, with the expectation that participants will acquire proficiency with Nextflow workflows and reproducibility concepts. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to develop and deploy your own workflows.

Training will be provided across general workflow, container and Nextflow specific topics. Each topic includes talks, demonstrations and practical sections which all participants can follow along with using the provided materials and computing environment.

Training/hands-on topics will include:

  • Nextflow language syntax
  • Deployment scenarios, incl. containers and schedulers
  • Pipeline sharing, reproducibility, provenance
  • Workflow management options
  • Advanced features

Following the hands-on session, a two-day hackathon will provide attendants with the opportunity to consolidate skills and techniques they just learnt, by applying them to a workflow from their research domain.



Date: 11-14 November 2019
Venue: Perth, TBA


For the two-day hackathon we are seeking teams of 2 to 5 researchers from workflow intensive science domains.  In the EoI form below you are requested to provide details on the pipeline, in particular a title, a short description and the list of required software packages. Ensure you choose a pipeline for which you have a sample dataset available for testing.  When you register please submit a team name on the registration form.


Days 1  & 2 : Tutorial
Day 3 & 4 :  Advanced topics + hackathon


There is a multi-tiered pricing schedule based on the number of people on your team. Prices are inclusive of morning/afternoon teas/coffees and lunch for the entirety of the event.

• Teams up to 3 people = $200/person
• Teams up to 4 people = $180/person
• Teams up to 5 people = $160/person

Expression of Interest

Places are limited, so if you are interested in the opportunity, please complete the following form.

EoIs will be accepted until 16 August; successful applicants will be notified during the first week of September.


Payment details will be provided in early September.


Expression of interest Nextflow training/hackathon

  • Please advise your Science domain?
  • Please advise the title of the workflow you will implement/port onto Nextflow during the hackathon.
  • Please provide details of the workflow that you would like to work on, including a short description and the list of required software. Also make sure you choose a pipeline for which you have sample dataset available.
  • Please provide details of your team members. Name and email address. Your team can consist of 2 to 5 researchers.


Further information please contact : Marco De La Pierre

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