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Getting Started with Nimbus

13 May - 14 May 2020
11:00am - 12:00pm

This online training discusses how to use the Nimbus Cloud, which is the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre’s new high-throughput computing infrastructure.

Please note, training is held over two days, one hour per day.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Set up secure authentication to Nimbus, using key pairs
  • Create a Nimbus instance
  • Securely access your Nimbus instance
  • Attach storage so you can work with your project data on the newly created instance

Day 1:

  • Dashboard: What is a Nimbus instance and how to manage it
  • Authentication: What are key pairs, why do we need them and how to set them up
  • Instance creation: How do a set an instance and then launch it

Day 2:

  • Instance access: How do I securely log into a Nimbus instance?
  • Storage: What’s the difference between root and volume data? How do I setup a volume and what do with my data volume if I want to delete my instance?


  • Have access on your laptop to the command line. (E.g., Windows users may want to install MobaXTerm (instructions here)).
  • Have a working knowledge of the Linux command line (E.g., mv, chmod, sudo, grep, etc. Numerous online courses teach Linux command line: LinkedIn, Udemy, etc.)

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Attend if:

  • You are new to using the Nimbus Cloud, or you want a refresher
  • You have research needs that require more compute or storage resources than your local laptop/desktop or institution currently provides