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GPU Hackathon

16 April - 20 April 2018
12:00am - 11:59pm

The first Southern Hemisphere GPU Hackathon will take place in Fremantle, Western Australia, April 16-20, 2018!

We are looking for teams of 3-5 developers with a scalable** application to port to or optimize on a GPU accelerator. Collectively the team should know the application intimately. If application is a suite of apps, no more than two per team is allowed and a minimum of 2 people per app must attend. Space will be limited to 8 teams.

** node-to-node communication implemented, but don’t be discouraged to apply if your application is less than scalable. We are also looking for breadth of application areas.

The goal of each hackathon is for current or prospective user groups of large hybrid CPU-GPU systems to send teams of at least 3 developers along with either:

  1. A (potentially) scalable application that could benefit from GPU accelerators, or
  2. An application running on accelerators that need optimization.

There will be intensive mentoring during this 5-day hands-on workshop, with the goal that the teams leave with applications running on GPUs, or at least with a clear roadmap of how to get there.

For more information, visit the Hackathon page.

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