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HPC Australasia GPU Bootcamp

25 August - 27 August 2020
9:30am - 12:30pm

GPU Bootcamp is an exciting and unique way for scientists and researchers to learn the skills needed to start quickly accelerating codes on GPUs.

Held as a virtual event across three days (with three hour sessions) in August, this event will introduce you to available GPU libraries, programming models, and platforms where you will learn the basics of GPU programming through extensive hands-on collaboration based on real-life applications using the OpenACC programming model.

Date & Time

25 – 27 August 2020
9:30am – 12:30pm Australia/Perth (AWST)

Indicative Program:

Day 1: 25th August – Introduction to GPU Programming with OpenACC (11:30 am – 2:30 pm Aust Eastern Standard Time)

  • Welcome (Moderator): (11:30 am – 11:45 am)
  • Connecting to Hackathon cluster (11:45 am -12:15 pm)
  • Introduction to GPU Programming with OpenACC (12:15 pm – 2:30 pm)
    • Introduction to GPU programming (15 min)
      • What is a GPU and Why Should You care?
      • What is GPU Programming?
      • Available Libraries, Programming Models, Platforms
    • Introduction to OpenACC (45 min)
      • What is OpenACC and Why Should You Care?
      • Profile-driven Development
      • First Steps with OpenACC
      • Lab 1
    • OpenACC Data Management (45 min)
      • CPU and GPU Memories
      • CUDA Unified (Managed) Memory
      • OpenACC Data Management
      • Lab 2
  • Q&A

Day 2: 26th August (11:30 am – 2:30 pm Aust Eastern Standard Time)

  • Gangs, Workers, and Vectors Demystified (45 min)
    • GPU Profiles
    • Loop Optimizations
    • Lab
  • Mini-application challenge
    • Overview of the mini-application (15 min)
    • Review steps to acceleration (5 min)
    • Application challenge (offline, support through slack)
  • Gangs, Workers and Vectors Demystified
  • Mini-application challenge

Day 3: 27th August ( 11:30 am – 2:30 pm Aust Eastern Standard Time )

  • Mini-application Solution Walk-through (11:30 am -11:45 am)
  • Introduction to NVIDIA ® Nsight™ Tools (11:45 am -12:15 pm)
    • Overview of Nsight Tools
    • How to profile a serial application with NVIDIA Tools Extension (NVTX)
    • Overview of optimization cycle with Nsight Systems
  • Profiling mini-application (12:15 pm -2:00 pm)
    • Profile a sequential weather modeling application (integrated with NVTX APIs) with NVIDIA Nsight Systems to capture and trace CPU events and time ranges
    • Understand how to use NVIDIA Nsight Systems profiler’s report to detect hotspots and apply OpenACC compute constructs to the serial application to parallelise it on the GPU
    • Learn how to use Nsight Systems to identify issues such as underutilized GPU device and unnecessary data movements in the application and to apply optimization strategies steps by steps to expose more parallelism and utilize computer’s CPU and GPU
  • Wrap-up and announcing winners (2:00 pm -2:30 pm)

Presented by the Australasian HPC Centres, the bootcamp is open to all users from Australia and New Zealand.

Click here to register (external site)

Note: Registrations close 11 August, 2020

Organised by:

Pawsey / NCI / NeSI
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