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Meet the Quantum Pioneers

26 March 2021
9:30am - 11:00am

Join the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and Quantum Brilliance as they join forces with Australian Quantum industry leaders and researchers as part of Pawsey’s Quantum Pioneer Program – an initiative for selected researchers to develop cutting-edge quantum applications in machine learning, logistics, defence, aerospace, quantum finance and quantum research.

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Four groups have been granted access to the already installed Quantum emulator at Pawsey – this is your chance to hear the real possibilities Quantum brings to us today.


Professor Jingbo Wang is the Head of the Physics Department at UWA and a pioneer of cutting-edge research in the development of quantum walk-based algorithms, aiming at solving complex problems of practical importance otherwise intractable. Her research team was among the first to show the power of quantum walks in extracting local and global structural information of complex networks in distinguishing large sets of non-isomorphic graph classes in finding optimal/high quality solutions to a wide range of combinatorial optimisation problems, in speeding up machine learning and information processing, as well as in exploring fundamental structures and symmetries in nature.  Professor Wang is also the Chair of the QUISA research cluster (https://quisa.tech/), of the topical group for Quantum Science and Technology under the Australian Institute of Physics, and a member of the World Economic Forum, Global Future Council on Quantum Applications.

Dr Casey Myers is a senior research fellow in the School of Computing and Information Systems. He worked in the private sector for a number of years, most recently working with the quantum computing start-up company Xanadu. Before moving into industry, Casey worked in both the ARC Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology and Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems. At the University of Melbourne, he is playing a leading role in establishing a new quantum research and education program within the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.


Rafael is a researcher, consultant and educator with a PhD in telematics engineering. Rafael was the Director of the ICT Department at the Universidad de Montevideo for the last two decades and recently became the Director of Research at the School of Engineering.

Quantum-South works with complex optimization problems for cargo in airlines and ships leveraging quantum computing software.

Trellis Data delivers the world’s most sophisticated Machine Learning that can be trusted, in the world’s easiest to use Machine Learning platform.

The four groups of pioneers are the first who will benefit from Pawsey and Quantum Brilliance’s quantum-supercomputing hub. In this session, you will also hear an update on the hub from both Pawsey and Quantum Brilliance.

Quantum Brilliance is a leading Australian quantum computing company, using diamond to develop quantum computers that can operate at room temperature, without the cryogenics or complex infrastructure of other quantum technologies. This collaboration will see quantum expertise developed among Pawsey staff to work collaboratively with leading Australian researchers. The translation of this technology into real applications that create impact is exactly what Australia needs, and is aligned with the recommendations of the Quantum Roadmap that CSIRO just released.

The collaboration with Quantum Brilliance and the opportunity to develop Pawsey’s quantum computing expertise ensures that Pawsey can continue to deliver the best possible service to its user community. We are looking forward to exploring how quantum computing can contribute to solving grand challenges alongside existing and future high-performance computing systems.