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Number Crunching using Python

8 April 2021
8:00am - 5:00pm

The course imparts a set of useful skills for number crunching with Python, such as:

  • Making simple plots of data on linear and logarithmic scales
  • Making multiple plots and linking them together
  • Plotting images and matrices
  • Multi-dimensional plotting
  • Making plots interactive with Juptyer
  • Numpy arrays and how they are represented in memory
  • Math and linear algebra with Numpy arrays
  • Storing and loading Numpy arrays from disk
  • Statistical functions and function optimisation
  • Numerical integration and interpolation
  • Fourier transforms and their application to filtering


  • A familiarity with using the Python language
  • A familiarity with Python programming concepts
  • A first-year, tertiary-level familiarity of the mathematical concepts surrounding the scientific library topics covered above.

This course is designed for intermediate Python users.

This workshop is now full booked, register for the waitlist here:

 This course is planned for on-site delivery at the ARRC in Kensington, Western Australia. If the on-site situation changes due to COVID restrictions, a virtual conduct will replace the in-person class.