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NVIDIA OpenFoam Session – rescheduled

16 July 2021
9:00am - 10:00am

Speaker: Stan Posey, Developer Relations , CFD and ESS, NVIDIA HQ, USA

OpenFOAM is the most widely used non-commercial CFD software with an end user base of 10,000 organizations and 125,000 practitioners. Its high-quality development at similar level as commercial ISV software drawn the attention of the community and ESI OpenCFD declared “GPU enabling” among top 3 HPC priorities.

This session will provide an overview of a new development aiming to accelerate OpenFOAM using the NVIDIA AmgX linear solver library that provides GPU support to the PETSc4FOAM library introduced during 2020 by members of the OpenFOAM HPC Technical Committee.

This technical session is targeted at OpenFOAM users interested in using GPU acceleration for their CFD simulations.

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