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Pawsey Friday: The Einstein-First project, teaching schoolchildren about quantum mechanics and general relativity by Rahul Choudhary

3 May 2019
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Event cost: Free

Pawsey Fridays are opportunities to get to know users and Pawsey experts.

On May 3, our Pawsey Friday special guest is Rahul Choudhary a PhD student from UWA who will  present on ” The Einstein-First project teaching schoolchildren about quantum mechanics and general relativity”

In the early 1900s, discoveries by physicists, particularly by Albert Einstein revolutionized our understanding of physical reality. Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves: ripples in the fabric of spacetime. It almost took 100 years for direct detection of these waves. The theories of quantum mechanics and relativity, collectively termed ‘Einsteinian physics’ (EP) unleashed the technological revolution that underpins modern civilization, forming the basis for computers, mobile phones, and GPS. However, physics in schools worldwide remains dominated by the classical Newtonian standpoint, with EP only explored superficially. To address this gap in worldwide physics education, educational researchers, teachers, and physicists across the world are working on novel approaches to introduce this early in school. The Einstein-First project is one such research group working to make this a possibility here in Australia. Recently the Australian Research Council announced a five-year research grant for this purpose. Rahul will give an overview of the project and report on his studies. He will be presenting on how students are easily able to accept the EP concepts and how they plan to implement it in the school curriculum.

All  are welcome!

A sundowner session will take place where a selection of drinks and snacks will be available.

Should you have any questions regarding the event, please contact pr@pawsey.org.au.

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