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P’Con – Introduction to Parallelware Analyzer: The First Static Code Analyzer specializing in Performance

10 December 2021
1:30pm - 2:30pm

As part of the first PaCER Conference – P’con: Setting the pace for exascaleJavier Novo Rodríguez from Appentra will be presenting about Parallelware.


  • Welcome
  • Parallelware Analyzer
  • Live demo: Installation and initial set-up (e.g. telemetry)
  • Live demo: Quickstart using MATMUL (e.g. analyzable code, code patterns, opportunities)
  • Live demo: Canny edge detection (e.g. hybrid multi+simd)
  • Live demo: Advanced topics using MATMUL (e.g. configuration file, cross-file analysis, CMake, interprocedural)
  • Q&A