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Quantum for industry growth

28 August 2020
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Event cost: Free

Come and join this upcoming Pawsey Friday to find out what Quantum computing has to offer to Australia’s industry from applications to the value it can deliver.

Covering from Quantum’s Australia landscape to the roles and opportunities for SME’s. corporations, government, universities and investors, Quantum for Industry growth is an event not to be missed.

Pawsey recently established a partnership with Quantum Brilliance – an Australian quantum computing company, using diamond to develop quantum computers that can operate at room temperature-  to advance Australian Quantum Computing. As part of that initiative, the Centre is seeking to develop quantum expertise among Pawsey staff and users, followed by access to a quantum emulator later on.

If your sector can benefit from Quantum, you could be among the first few that will discover its power at Pawsey.

If you missed our first Quantum event watch here. It will tell you more about Quantum computing and its possibilities.

About the event

The session is structured into:

  • Three (3) presentations
    • Dr Cathy Foley – CSIRO Chief Scientist
    • Mr Shaun Wilson – Serial entrepreneur and co-founder of successful Quantum & AI companies QxBranch and Shoal Group
    • Dr Andrew Horsley – Co-founder and CEO at Quantum Brilliance
  • Panel discussion
    • Joining the presenter will be:
    • Mr Bill Bartee – Partner, Main Sequence Ventures
    • Dr Maciej Cytowski – Head of Scientific Services at Pawsey Supercomputing Centre
  • Virtual network session with each presenter

What will be covered during the event

  • The national quantum computing landscape
  • Opportunities in quantum computing for industry
  • The national quantum industry roadmap
  • The pathway forward for generating a healthy quantum innovation community and industry

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About the presenter

Dr Cathy Foley- CSIRO Chief Scientist

Dr Cathy Foley is Chief Scientist of CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency and innovation catalyst. CSIRO solves the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology.

It is one of the world’s largest mission-driven multidisciplinary science and research organisations, collaborating with industry, government, academia and the community to unlock a better future for everyone.

Dr Foley has made significant contributions to the understanding of superconducting materials and to the development of devices using superconductors to detect magnetic fields and locate valuable deposits of minerals.

Dr Foley has a passion for advancing scientific research and has held various roles, including a member of the Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering and Innovation Council, President of the National Executive for Australian Institute of Physics, President of Science and Technology Australia, Editor-in-Chief of Superconductor Science and Technology journal, and Council Member for Questacon.

In 2020, Cathy was recognised alongside Australia’s top scientific minds and elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.

Dr Foley is a strong advocate for women in STEM and is committed to tackling gender equality. As a leader in CSIRO, she is working to enhance collaboration across the sector and turn more world-class research into benefits for the nation.

Seeking to start the conversation between government, researchers and industry on the benefit of quantum technology to Australian Industry, Dr Foley, recently launched the quantum roadmap report. The report can be found here.

Dr Foley LinkedIn

Mr Shaun Wilson – Serial entrepreneur and co-founder of successful Quantum & AI companies QxBranch and Shoal Group

Mr Shaun Wilson is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, most recently the Founder of quantum software company, QxBranch, and systems engineering company, Shoal Group. QxBranch, founded by Shaun, was recently acquired by Rigetti Computing in July-2019. QxBranch, is a spin-out directly from Shoal in 2014 (described here), QxBranch has garnered major brand-name clients world-wide across the finance, insurance, cyber-security, biotech, energy, sports and pharmaceutical. Shoal Group is one of Australia’s leading systems engineering company. Shaun also sits on a range of boards, for example, Space Industry Association of Australia.

Mr Wilson LinkedIn

Dr Andrew Horsley – Co-founder and CEO at Quantum Brilliance

Dr Andrew Horsley is CEO and co-founder of Quantum Brilliance, a Canberra-based start-up using diamonds to build quantum computers which operate at room temperature. Dr Andrew Horsley is a leading expert in designing, building and operating quantum computers and system. Prior to founding Quantum Brilliance, Andrew has over 8 years of experience in managing quantum engineering projects in Australia, Switzerland and Germany.

Dr Horsley LinkedIn


Mr Bill Bartee – Partner, Main Sequence Ventures

Bill is the Managing Director of Main Sequence Ventures (CSIRO’s venture fund) and focuses on investing in quantum technologies, AI/ML, synthetic biology, and data information. Bill has been working with technology founders in Australia and the US for 20+ years and has led investments in many multi-billion dollar companies including Seek, Altium, Looksmart, onebox, and Culture Amp.

Bill was also co-founder and Partner of Blackbird Ventures  (Blackbird Fund 1 and 2 and Follow-on-Fund 1) one of Australia’s leading venture funds. Blackbird’s first fund is a top decile performer globally and is composed of leading companies such as Canva, Zoox, Culture Amp, Safety Culture, Autopilot, Accelo, and others.

Bill has a depth of experience as a successful builder, CEO, and investor in addition to a deep network of venture and customer contacts globally.

Bill holds a Bachelor of Science, MBA, and Juris Doctorate degrees.

Mr Bartee LinkedIn

Dr Maciej Cytowski – Head of Scientific Services at Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

Maciej Cytowski - Head of Scientific ServicesMaciej joined Pawsey in 2017 as a Supercomputing Application Specialist and holds a PhD in Computational Science. He is a mathematician and computational scientist and has expertise is optimisation and development of application on massively parallel and accelerated HPC systems.

Since 2004 he has been involved in many HPC projects including porting weather prediction codes to Cray X1e vector architecture, accelerating astrophysical computational kernels on IBM Cell processors, optimisation of open-source simulation codes on IBM Power7 architecture and developing scalable codes on IBM Blue Gene/Q, Cray XC40.

Maciej is a highly documented author with more than 25 publications in various fields of computational science.

Dr Cytowski LinkedIn