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Radio School by ICRAR/CASS

1 October - 5 October 2018
12:00am - 11:59pm
Event cost: $300

Radio astronomy has entered an exciting phase with the advent of new radio telescopes in Australia and around the world. These telescopes have vastly improved scientific performance in a number of key areas, including sensitivity, image fidelity, transient detectability, frequency range, field of view, and ability to deal with atmospheric and ionospheric effects.

Moreover, the new Australian radio telescopes (ASKAP and MWA) are located at a supremely radio-quiet site, which further enhances scientific capability.

Venue: Geraldton Multipurpose Centre

Date: 1-5 October, 2018

Registration: https://www.icrar.org/conferences/radio-school-2018/   

This School aims at teaching the fundamentals of Radio Astronomy to participants and postdoctoral scientists at the Ph.D level or above. It will also introduce participants to hands-on reduction of data from ASKAP and MWA, and introduce the Pawsey supercomputer centre, part of which is dedicated to radio astronomy analysis. No prior experience with radio astronomy is required.

The School will be held in the beautiful coastal city of Geraldton, which is strategically located between the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory and Perth, and which provides a home base for most of the permanent MRO staff. There will be an opportunity for School attendees and lecturers to visit the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory to see ASKAP, MWA and SKA verification systems.

The School is jointly hosted by the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research and CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, with the generous support of Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and the Geraldton City Council.