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Setonix Migration Training: Session 3 AMA (1 July 2022)

1 July 2022
10:00am - 11:00am

Join Pawsey Specialists for the THIRD of a 3-part Setonix Migration Training Series (Week 2, June 27-July 1)

To support your transition to the new Setonix supercomputer, Pawsey is providing weekly trainings.

You can attend these weekly sessions once or multiple times – some or all of the modules – as needed and as fits your schedule. 

The sessions below will be online. 

Training recordings can also be accessed via this Pawsey Playlist. New recordings will be added through the end of June.  

  • Session 1 (Tuesday, June 28 and future dates): Register for an upcoming session on the Pawsey Event page.
    • Module 1: Getting Started with Setonix (link to video) 
    • Module 2: Supercomputing Filesystems (link to video)
    • Module 3: Using Modules and Containers 
    • Module 4: Installing and Maintaining your Software
  • Session 2 (Wednesday, June 29 and future dates): Register for an upcoming session on the Pawsey Event page.
    • Module 5: Submitting and Monitoring your Job 
    • Module 6: Using Data Throughout the Project Lifecycle   
  • Session 3 (Friday, July 1): Register using this Event page (below)
    • Ask.Me.Anything (AMA) – Ask questions on migrating your computational work to Setonix.

There are a number of changes to the configuration and programming environment of the Setonix supercomputing system. To ensure a smooth transition to Setonix, we strongly recommend engaging with the training sessions, materials and documentation as they become available. 

There is no limit on registrations.

2022-07-01 Setonix Migration Training Session 3: AMA (Week 2)

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