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Setonix Migration Training: Session 3 AMA (7 July)

7 July 2022
10:00am - 1:00pm

Join Pawsey Specialists for the THIRD of a 3-part Setonix Migration Training Series (Week 3, July 4-8)

To support your transition to the new Setonix supercomputer, Pawsey is providing weekly trainings.

You can attend these weekly sessions once or multiple times – some or all of the modules – as needed and as fits your schedule. 

The sessions below will be online. 

Training recordings can also be accessed via this Pawsey Playlist.   

  • Session 1 (Monday, July 4 & various dates): Register for an upcoming session on the Pawsey Event page.
    • Module 1: Getting Started with Setonix 
    • Module 2: Supercomputing Filesystems 
    • Module 3: Using Modules and Containers 
    • Module 4: Installing and Maintaining your Software
  • Session 2 (Tuesday, July 5 & various dates): Register for an upcoming session on the Pawsey Event page.
    • Module 5: Submitting and Monitoring your Job 
    • Module 6: Using Data Throughout the Project Lifecycle   
  • Session 3 (Thursday, July 7): Register using this Event page (below)
    • Ask.Me.Anything (AMA) – Ask questions on migrating your computational work to Setonix.

There are a number of changes to the configuration and programming environment of the Setonix supercomputing system. To ensure a smooth transition to Setonix, we strongly recommend engaging with the training sessions, materials and documentation as they become available. 

There is no limit on registrations.

Register below:

2022-07-07 Setonix Migration Training Session 3: AMA (7 July)

  • Enter the (primary) domain for which you will be using Setonix.
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