Extended power outage scheduled at Pawsey

At Pawsey, we have been working to get Setonix, your new research supercomputer, ready and available for your 2022 allocation. As part of the Setonix commissioning, some electrical works are needed and therefore an extended power outage has been scheduled for the first week in November.

Building work undertaken during the past few months will also benefit from this outage, allowing us to complete several system changes required for the implementation of the Pawsey refresh technologies.

What is happening?

The extended outage will occur during the week of 1st to 4th November 2021, in line with our planned November maintenance. We will keep you up to date using the usual channels, which include our status page, social media, and emails, as systems come back on-line.

Some services (listed in the table below) will be offline for periods during the nominated window and that may impact other services that rely on them.

Why is this happening?

The next few years will see Pawsey deliver on the Federal and State investment in Australian HPC capacity and build on Australia’s emerging role in supercomputing and large-scale data research.

This new paradigm will only be achieved with your support. After this outage, Australian researchers will be one step closer to accessing Setonix.

What do I need to do?

Please take any action needed to work around the outage and share the information with your team so they can plan their work appropriately.

The Maintenance and Incidents web pages are located here  will be updated with information as the changes take place.

We appreciate the support and understanding of users during this exciting period but recognise this might cause some issues for some users. If you have any questions, please e-mail help@pawsey.org.au

Schedule and services impacted can be found in this link