National Roadshow update

Astronomy training session extended to a full day event!

Throughout 2017 the Astronomy Australia Limited (AAL) initiative for Astronomy Data and Computing Services (ADACS) will deliver data services and expert training to improve data management and computing practises, helping the community to maximise the use of astronomy-focused infrastructure.

The next ADACS event will be a one-day face-to-face and interactive workshop on introductory computing for astronomers, held in conjunction with the Pawsey Roadshow in Brisbane and Sydney. This is a whole day event run in parallel to the Pawsey clinics and is open to any interested astronomer regardless of their use of supercomputing infrastructure.

The training will include introductions to:

  • version control with git and github
  • data analysis using python/pandas
  • Introduction to Supercomputing at Pawsey including using GPUs on Galaxy

A basic knowledge of python is assumed (i.e., you know the basic data structures and operations and how to write a script) and the workshop will utilise ipython notebooks which will be made available for the event.

To book go to and go to the Roadshow calendar event of your city.

The full program including the roadshow and the ADACS training can be downloaded here.