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November 2018
2018 Pawsey Interns
30 November 2018

2018 Pawsey Summer Internships have begun

The annual Pawsey Summer Internship program has begun at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre. Every year, the Centre runs an intensive 10-week internship program. In November 2018, nineteen students were selected to join the program and delve deeper into their scientific areas through high-performance computing. Students will be supervised by project leads on their respective projects, which

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Maciej and Karina at SC18
21 November 2018

SC18: Dallas – Education, outreach, training and kookaburras

The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre recently returned from SC18 – the largest and prestigious international supercomputing conference for all things High-Performance Computing (HPC). Hosted in Dallas, Texas, the exhibition floor at SC featured more than 350 exhibitors in the industry and research communities, from over 100 countries. Australian HPC was represented by a joint booth from NCI

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Lorian_Young Inventors Runner-Up
5 November 2018

Pawsey’s young inventors’ supercomputers, Maverick and Athena

During the 2018 Pawsey Open Day, the Centre ran a Design your own Supercomputer competition, for young inventors. They had three key criteria to complete – the name of their supercomputer, what type of science the computer will embark on and how the supercomputer’s work will change the world.  This competition has been designed to

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