Pawsey Supercomputing Centre Welcomes Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and Key Sector Representatives

Pawsey welcomed the Australian Ambassador for Cyber Affairs, Dr Tobias Feakin.

As part of his national roadshow on ‘Australia’s International Cyber Engagement Strategy’, Dr Feakin meet with Pawsey’s Executive Director, Mark Stickells along with members of Pawsey’s leadership team, and representatives from CSIRO, AustCyber and WA’s Cyber Innovation Hub, to discuss opportunities and risk in cyberspace.

The Australia’s International Cyber Engagement Strategy’ sets out Australia’s plan to promote confidence in the online environment while increasing economic opportunities, strengthening international cooperation to address cybercrime, promoting multi-stakeholder Internet governance and protecting human rights online and delivering sustainable development outcomes through technology.

During his visit, the Ambassador recognised the importance of the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre as part of the national scientific landscape and its role as an innovation hub and emphasised the importance of cybersecurity in scientific research and the infrastructure that supports it.

Following the Ambassador’s visit, Mark Stickells said, “Pawsey, as a national research infrastructure, recognises the importance of cybersecurity and we continuing efforts to strengthen our systems and services”.

The Ambassador’s roadshow started in Darwin, and after finishing his time in Perth, he will continue touring the Nation to discuss how Australian can further benefit from Cyber opportunities while mitigating emerging risks.