Pawsey’s young inventors’ supercomputers, Maverick and Athena

During the 2018 Pawsey Open Day, the Centre ran a Design your own Supercomputer competition, for young inventors. They had three key criteria to complete – the name of their supercomputer, what type of science the computer will embark on and how the supercomputer’s work will change the world. 

This competition has been designed to encourage young students to develop their curiosities in STEM subjects and to open them to a world of science, intrigue and opportunities.

The first prize, a Raspberry Pi 3+ Starter Kit was awarded to sisters Leire and Irati Lopez who invented Maverick, the Marine Science Supercomputer; designed to solve environmental problems by focusing on fluid and particle capture for coral reproduction. 

Maverick will calculate and assist on preventing coral bleaching and will eventually calculate the coral’s rates of reproduction based on rising water temperatures. This study works to not only save coral, but to gain understanding of the broader view of why coral is bleaching and why reproduction is lower in certain areas.  

The submissions were so strong that the Centre also announced a runner-up. The supercomputer Athena was designed by 14-year-old inventor, Lorian Marshall. Athena has been designed to embark on counting all the grains of sand on our planet, saving many introverted people time in a very social world. 

Participants were all judged on creativity and a passion for uncovering the secrets of the universe through science and data.

Lorian_Young Inventors Runner-Up