I am part of the LHCb experiment in Particle Physics that performs research into the decays of heavy hadrons produced in proton-proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider.

Principal investigator

Ulrik Egede
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Area of science


Systems used


Applications used

Partner Institution: Monash University | Project Code: L000245

The Challenge

For the next generation of the experiment, we are developing a new calorimeter that will be able to sustain higher data rates and higher radiation doses.

The Solution

Simulation of detector configurations are required to support this. The work will use a mixture of simulations using the Geant4 C++ framework, algorithm development using TensorFlow and subsequent analysis.

The Outcome

In this case, the outcome was minor. As stated in application, this was a pilot project to assess the use of Pawsey for this project. In the end it turned outthat it was more efficient for us to use resources elsewhere.