Development of New Imaging Technologies for Biomedical Applications

Our research involves the development of new imaging technologies for biomedical applications. In particular, our research focuses on optical elastography, which is an imaging method that generates 3-D volumes of the mechanical properties of tissue samples.

Principal investigator

Lixin Chin
Magnifying glass

Area of science

Biological Sciences, Biomedical, Biomedical Engineering, Engineering

Systems used


Applications used

Partner Institution: Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research / The University of Western Australia | Project Code:

The Challenge

Our datasets are often several GB in size, and require significant processing in order to generate results. Currently, we use a couple of computing servers running Matlab. However, we are already struggling to keep up with the demands of new projects.

The Solution

We wish to investigate the use of the Nimbus cloud as a resource for our projects, migrating our processing to a Python environment (or something similar).

The Outcome

Cloud computing resources for data processing. This investigation is currently on hold due to changing priorities.