Methodologies of geophysical inversion for Earth modelling and resource exploration

The problem tackles the problem of imaging the Earth's interior through geophysical inversion, principally using gravity and magnetic data. These new technologies help to understand the Earth's tectonic architecture, contributing to developing better models to support resource exploration in new regions within WA.

Principal investigator

Alan Aitken
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Area of science

Earth Sciences, Geosciences

Systems used


Applications used

Partner Institution: University of Western Australia| Project Code: pawsey0143

The Challenge

Develop and apply better methods to image structure in the Earth using gravity and magnetic data, including joint inversion and single inversions.

Apply these to examples of relevance to tectonic understanding and of value to project sponsors.

The Solution

Geophysical inversion in escript uses FEM methods to resolve a regularised (damped) model of the subsurface from data collected at the surface.

The Outcome

Pawsey Centre resources (Magnus) allow large-scale parallelisation of the process, enabling large-scale and complex models to be attempted.

List of Publications