This project addresses accessibility and sharing of geoscience data among researchers. This project aims to reduce duplicate downloads of same data from various public domains and improves transparency and data integrity.

Principal investigator

Ben Clennell
Magnifying glass

Area of science

Data Management, Geosciences

Systems used

Managed Storage

Applications used

Data Storage
Partner Institution: CSIRO| Project Code: Open_Basins

The Challenge

Researchers spend valuable effort and time in downloading vast amounts of data from public domains and then cleaning it up. Most of the times this data is not shared and no one in the business unit is actually aware of the existence of this QCed data.

The Solution

The solution is to build a unified data repository for well log and seismic data using PAWSEY data storage services and creating a web user interface for users to view and download data from PAWSEY.

The Outcome

PAWSEY data storage services are quite stable with in-house data specialists’ expertise at hand. PAWSEY data storage allows data sharing with external parties which is a plus.

Figure 1. AEGC_Poster_CVis - Use of PAWSEY Data Storage in Geoscience Data Management