Quantum Brilliance (QB) is building quantum accelerators that operate at temperatures found in existing HPC data centers. In the lead up to the delivery of QB hardware to Pawsey, this project delivers a software stack, qbOS for early-adopting researchers to familiarise with how to access quantum accelerators using both cloud VMs and batch queue on HPC workflows at Pawsey.

Principal investigator

Simon simon.y@quantum-brilliance.com
Magnifying glass

Area of science


Systems used

Magnus, Nimbus and Topaz

Applications used

Nimbus cloud Ubuntu VMs, XACC
Partner Institution: Quantum Brilliance Pty Ltd | Project Code: director2176

The Challenge

A near term platform is needed that lets researchers in various domains that will benefit from quantum computing explore and upskill their knowledge of quantum computing. These researchers already use HPC and Cloud workflows, so the challenge is to integrate quantum computing into these workflows and in the process demonstrate a pathway to adopting quantum computing that is useful in their field of research.

The Solution

Quantum Pioneers Program – a joint industry collaboration on a software platform running on a Cloud platform and ready for scale-up using HPC workflows. Includes a training/user acceptance test online course. Delivery of early hardware to exercise system integration between state-of-the-art HPC machine rooms and room-temperature capable quantum computers/accelerators.

The Outcome

  • The Pawsey Nimbus Cloud is now ready to run quantum circuits and variational quantum algorithms via Jupyter notebooks and Theia (web-based IDE).
  • The Topaz GPU cluster is now ready for MPI and CUDA/Singularity scale-up tasks using the XACC quantum software framework.
  • Early preparation is underway for installation of a hardware diamond-NV based quantum computer – (QB QDK)