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This project is part of IMOS's New Technology Proving initiative. Improved Satellite Ocean Colour will advance existing satellite derived ocean colour for Australian open ocean and coastal waters.

Principal investigator

Leigh Tyers
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Area of science


Systems used


Applications used

Python, Numba, Numpy, Mpi4py
Partner Institution: Curtin University | Project Code: L000299

The Challenge

Existing open satellite data from LEO for ocean colour data have a revisit time for a given area in the order of days. In addition, while they are calibrated, the actual uncertainty of geophysical quantities obtained from processing can be not known, or derived statistically from bins. We propose merging S3, VIIRS, and MODIS all while mathematically propagating the associated error.

The Solution

By leveraging complementary observations from operating satellites, this New Technology Proving project will generate consistent marine reflectance and geophysical products at a range of spatial and temporal resolutions to meet growing research needs. The framework developed by Improved Satellite Ocean Colour will future-proof satellite ocean colour data for Australia. An enduring outcome will be the establishment of the theoretical and computational framework that will underpin extension to
future sensors and possible continued operational product production.

The Outcome

Pawsey’s Nimbus cloud allows rapid development and testing, as well as a fallback option should NCI go offline.