Road Vehicle Analytics

Currently deploying a research vehicle to collect road condition data for the entire state road networks. The project analyse the road data collected and interpret the road deterioration trend and the assignment of appropriate asset management strategy.

Principal investigator

Jeffrey Lee
Magnifying glass

Area of science

Civil Engineering, Engineering

Systems used

Nimbus and Data Stores

Applications used

Jupyter Notebook, R, Python
Partner Institution: ARRB| Project Code: RoadVehicleAnalytics

The Challenge

At 80 km/hr, a lot of data is produced by the research equipment. The challenge is to compare against established testing method which has a lower productivity.

The Solution

Through detailed field comparison, correlation between different devices can be established. The field data collected were analysed and graphed using the online computation power of Nimbus Openstack.

The Outcome

Using the multi-core virtual machine that is made available by Pawsey, research team located at different geographical locations can share and interpret the data.

The storage space also helps with handling the data flow.

List of Publications

Not available at this stage.

Figure 1. Ground sensor measurement comparison against traditional method

Figure 2. Selected FWD and TSD deflection basin
Figure 3. Distribution of maximum deflection and curvature collected by a FWD