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29 May 2020

HPC COVID-19 Australian Response Showcase

In early April, Australia’s Tier 1 supercomputing facilities, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre (Pawsey) and National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), joined forces to offer additional computation and data resources to support the national and international research community to acquire, process, analyse, store and share data supporting COVID-19 research. Both facilities contributed extensive resources to assist researchers in the

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Magnus, the Pawsey Supercomputer
26 May 2020

Pawsey Friday: Supercomputing Showcase

Explore the breadth of benefits supercomputing can offer to you and your project. You will hear from researchers who are using Pawsey supercomputers, and working with our expert staff to enhance their code and workflows. This is a way to showcase diversity of thought and research when using supercomputers. You will leave the session understanding

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21 April 2020

Leaders in Australian Computing Research Begin Battle with COVID-19

NCI Australia and the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre are supporting the Australian and international research community undertaking COVID-19 research through provision of streamlined, prioritised and expedited access to computation and data resources. Both national facilities are contributing resources to support researchers in Australia in the fight against COVID-19.  NCI today announces support for three targeted projects with

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