Supercharging geosciences with HPC

Hosted by societies, the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists Ltd, the Australian Institute of Geoscientists Ltd and the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia Ltd, the first Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference was held in Sydney.

Over the week, Pawsey met the many faces of geosciences.

Pawsey is aiming to increase awareness among the resources and industry sector; this platform really built the momentum to do so. Pawsey staff took the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the industry and how the facility can enable more geoscientists to continue their science. Many were surprised to learn about the wealth of services available at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.

Connecting with Pawsey can be as simple as connecting with the CSIRO or Partner University to gain access through the Partner Scheme, any Australian University researcher or collaboration with researchers can gain access through the National Merit Allocation, the Energy and Resources or Director’s Share allocation scheme.

If there are computational processing requirements, that don’t need a Supercomputer, Pawsey offers a Cloud Service, Nimbus. Specifically designed for research applications, Nimbus facilitates large data workflows, computational tasks and even offers data analytics capabilities.

For more information on how industry representatives can engage with Pawsey and its resources, contact Dr Jenni Harrison, Director of Strategic Projects and Engagement. Researchers can contact Pawsey help after reading the general information in the Pawsey support portal.

As part of the conference, Pawsey staff, with a group of delegates were taken on a field excursion to the Blue Mountains with John Pickett, co-author of Layers of Time: The Blue Mountains and their GeologyTouring through the mountains, learning their history and seeing landscapes that are hundreds of millions years old was a humbling experience for all the attendees and an amazing way to start the conference.

The Three Sisters and entrance to the Katoomba Coal Mines
The Three Sisters and entrance to the Katoomba Coal Mines