Cold Tier – offline storage, named Banksia, after another Australian wildflower with a genus of around 170 species in the plant family Proteaceae, provided by Xenon, incorporating Pawsey’s current object storage infrastructure, including two mirrored libraries each holding 70PB of data, duplicated for data security.

Technical specifications

  • ScoutAM v2.8 Intel Server Nodes (6):
    • Intel R2208 2U server
    • Dual Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6226R CPU @2.9GHz, 16 Core(s)
    • 384GB DDR4 RAM
    • 2x QLogic HBAs with dual 16Gb FC
    • 1x Mellanox ConnectX5 with dual 100GbE
  • ScoutFS v1.6 cache DDN 7990 storage arrays (3):
    • 5.7PB usable capacity.
    • 18GBps performance.
    • Each hybrid storage array has:
    • 12x 3.84TB SSD (metadata)
    • 170x 14TB HDD (data)
    • 8x FC16
  • Spectra Logic TFinity Enterprise Tape Libraries (2):
    • Each has 74PB usable on a mix of JC and JD Enterprise tape cartridges (@8233 tapes)
    • Each has further slot capacity for another @1500 tape cartridges.
    • 32x TS1150 Enterprise Tape Drives
    • 2x TS1160 Enterprise Tape Drives
  • IBM SAN128-6 128port Fibrechannel switches (2):
    • Connecting the ScoutAM servers to both the ScoutFS cache storage arrays and Enterprise Tape library Robotics Control Module and tape drives
It is the main repository for both the MWA Radio Astronomy Data Archive (served by ASVO) and the Pawsey Data Portal service (Mediaflux).
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Fully integrated with Setonix, enabling a better experience when transferring data between Pawsey Centre systems

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Data & Cloud

In addition to providing data storage for the most demanding research projects, our Data staff help researchers to maximise the potential of these vast data sets through a number of support services

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Nimbus, Pawsey’s cloud service is a flexible and fast high-throughput computing service

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