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The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre are a Tier-1 facility in Australia which enables amazing, ground-breaking science across the nation. Due to this high profile, we have collected Pawsey coverage across a range of national and international media publications.
2 April 2024

QuEra Training – Session 2 -April 02

🌟 Let’s Explore Gate-Based Neutral Atom Quantum Computers with zoned architectures! 🌟 Join us for an exclusive 2-hour session where we unravel the operating principles behind these cutting-edge systems with experts from QuEra. This session will cover the following: Operating principles of gate-based neutral atom quantum computers with zoned architectures. Learn about performance characteristics of

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9 November 2023

Pawsey: AWS Quantum 101 Using Amazon Braket

Join us as AWS Quantum Specialists introduce quantum simulators and gate-based quantum computers, before turning to more advanced topics. This workshop includes presentation as well as hands-on practice with AWS Braket. This is a free, online event. Who is this training for? Research Scientists, Data Scientists, and individuals who use HPC and other computational methods

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10 May 2023

Pawsey and Xanadu form a global partnership to create opportunities for Australian quantum scientists

Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre (Pawsey) and Canadian quantum computing company Xanadu have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together and test the capabilities of integrating high-performance computing (HPC) and quantum computing technologies. The teams will leverage their existing hardware and algorithms expertise to improve the integration between Pawsey’s HPC and Xanadu’s quantum computing hardware

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12 February 2023

QHack 2023

Join the Party Call it fan expo, hackathon, or scientific conference. QHack — the one-of-a-kind celebration of quantum computing returns! Register here via Xanadu Cloud

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28 September 2022

Supporting Australia’s quantum computing future

Pawsey’s Executive Director, Mark Stickells, has joined a team of expert advisors on a national advisory committee, led by Chief Scientist Cathy Foley AO, committed to unlocking Australia’s quantum capability across research, industry and government sectors.   Industry and Science Minister, Hon Ed Husic MP recently announced a new National Quantum Advisory Committee, a board

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Pawsey, UWA Quantum Education Hub Team with SpinQ Gemini at UWA
3 March 2022

Empowering students to have a quantum mindset

Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre is supporting a pioneering quantum education and research program to enable students access to one of the first educational quantum computers in Australia. Based at the University of Western Australia (UWA), the new program will enable researchers and students to upskill in the emerging area of quantum computing and engage with

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15 November 2021

HPC Australia Update: Infrastructure accelerating Australian science and research

Superior infrastructure In recent years, Australia’s Tier-1 High Performance Computing (HPC) centres, the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre and National Computational Infrastructure, have undergone significant infrastructure upgrades.  In its second full year of operations in 2021, NCI’s supercomputer, Gadi, has been on track to do more than 800 million hours of computing for its users. With

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24 May 2021

Meet the PaCER Cohort: June series

Ten research projects were successfully granted access to the first Pawsey Centre for Extreme-scale Readiness (PaCER) program, establishing Australia’s research platform for extreme-scale computing.   Pawsey is hosting a series of seminars throughout June showcasing the first cohort of PaCER researchers’ projects.  The focus of the PaCER program is on both extreme scale research (algorithms design, code optimisation, application and workflow readiness) and using the computational infrastructure to facilitate research for producing world-class

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Quantum Computing for Industry Growth
28 August 2020

Quantum technologies: A new paradigm for industry growth

Following its recent collaboration announcement to develop Australia’s first quantum-supercomputing hub for innovation, the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre hosted its second quantum computing online event, focusing on quantum computing for industry growth. This was an opportunity for over 130 attendees to hear from Australian leaders in the field to understand how quantum computing can benefit their

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Professor Jingbo Wang, The University of Western Australia
2 June 2020

Why Quantum? Pawsey’s first online event

Following its recent collaboration announcement to develop Australia’s first quantum-supercomputing hub for innovation, the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre hosted its first online event. It was an exemplary showcase of quantum computing, with industry experts answering our questions around Why Quantum? Both industry representatives and researchers across Australia joined the event, which used to be a sundowner

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