Do you notice we look a little different?

In the next few weeks, Pawsey will achieve a significant milestone for Australian high-performance computing, with the arrival of Setonix, the fastest, most powerful research computer in the Southern Hemisphere.

It’s the biggest computing power advance in Australia’s history and to mark this transformative moment, we have taken the time to think about our role within the scientific and research community.

As part of that, we have refreshed our brand to be more reflective of who we are — and where we are going.

A new brand

When we sat down to think about how we want Pawsey to be viewed, we considered our story, our strengths, our history and our Australian home.

We wanted a brand that reflects our capacity to match the best on the world stage, but that also speaks to the kind of organisation we are: forward-looking, innovative, diverse, and a little bit different.

Our new logo is the most obvious change and it works on a couple of levels.

Since you know us all too well by now, the descriptors in the logo were dropped, and now, we call ourselves as you do – Pawsey.

Besides featuring the P for Pawsey, it references the data cubes used to form the basis of so much analytical work and the break-out search for new knowledge.

Our colours are bold and confident; our font is a throwback to the Eurostile Unicase fonts of the 1960s that have their roots in the early days of computing and sci-fi.

Officially, you will see us as the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre, to reinforce our role to serve Australian scientific advancement.

Together, the refreshed brand signals our readiness for our next age of supercomputing.

A renewed focus

While the brand has changed, our mission has not.

Our work enables science and accelerates discovery, and we do this by bringing together the critical infrastructure, expert staff, sector knowledge and focus needed to solve pressing problems in every field.

From our earliest days as the Interactive Virtual Environment Centre, we have benefited from the shared vision of Governments, institutions, scientists and others who could see the importance of what we and supercomputing could do.

As a centre, Pawsey has grown and developed thanks to the foresight of a unique partnership that brought together four university institutions and the CSIRO.

Together, they mapped out a plan for the infrastructure needed to support the demand for HPC in research, and those goals are being realised with every successful project.

An incredible future

With the arrival of our new system Setonix next month, Pawsey can offer researchers an HPE Cray EX supercomputer 30 times more powerful than our existing infrastructure and 5 times more powerful than the current combined power of Australia’s Tier 1 research systems.

Our capabilities will be further enhanced by the addition of the world’s first diamond-based quantum accelerator.

With this advance, Pawsey will play a pivotal role over the next decade in delivering compute power at scale and advancing scientific endeavour.

We stand ready to offer the strategic guidance and leadership needed to support Australia’s supercomputing sector and look forward to taking on a greater role as infrastructure providers and leaders in this space.

In this reflection of our roots, Professor Ron Ekers joined Pawsey in celebration of the launch and Joseph Pawsey’s birthday on May 14. We invite you to watch this short video as Ron discusses Joseph Pawsey, his contribution to Australian science and why his legacy remains so important today –