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How to Get Access to Pawsey’s Setonix Supercomputer

This is a private event, for CSIRO researchers and CSIRO Affiliates. Please register only if you are a CSIRO/Affiliate researcher. 

This event is offered both in-person (at Pawsey) and virtually/online. If you are on-site, please join us for lunch from 12.00- 12.30 pm. 

  • What computational services are available for you, as a CSIRO researcher? 
  • What is Setonix? Who is Pawsey? 
  • Are Pawsey resources the best choice for your computational and/or visualisation needs?  
  • Are you eligible to apply for Pawsey resources?  
  • How do you apply to access Setonix
  • What information is included in a “winning” allocation submission?  

If you answered “I don’t know” to any of these questions – this short presentation is for you.  

Your Presenters

Join IMT’s Steve McMahon and Pawsey’s Maciej Cytowski for the first in a 2-part training series.

The first session covers compute, visualisation, and data management resources with a focus on Pawsey. These resources and services are available to CSIRO researchers.

The second session, to be held on May 3, is a follow-up, open Q&A session. To register for the second session, please go to the Pawsey Events page. 

The Presentation

During this presentation, Steve will provide an overview of computational resources available to you, to help determine which resources might be best suited to your research.

Maciej will provide an overview of Pawsey’s services and discuss the application process, including the preparatory access scheme and how to write a competitive allocation proposal. This will also be an opportunity to learn about Australia’s flagship supercomputer, Setonix. 

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