About supercomputing

With the help of our Supercomputing team to leverage the power of supercomputing, researchers can explore new research avenues that wouldn’t have been possible using previous methods. The team offers more than 50 years of combined, scientific-computing experience.

Their activities focus on providing supercomputer access and growing the use of supercomputing within the Australian science community. They not only run and support the Centre’s supercomputers but they actively engage researchers, communities and disciplines with supercomputing and data-intensive computing; promoting success stories via a range of channels.

The team assist new researchers to use supercomputers, then work with them to streamline and automate their workflows which incorporate supercomputing, data storage and visualisation (working with the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre Data Team and Visualisation Team).

Our supercomputing specialists embed themselves into key research groups for major projects, stimulating capability and growing supercomputing activities. They develop and deliver training for capability scale and accelerator computing.

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Our computers

Supercomputers to reflect different workflows and user requirements


A complementary system to Magnus, Zeus is an SGI Linux cluster that supports pre- and post-processing of data, throughput workflows, simulations able to use GPU power and remote visualisation work. 

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The cabinet artwork on Galaxy, ‘Rainbow Serpent and Moon’ by Jesse Pickett, is a homage to the Centre’s close connection to the northwest of Western Australia. It has been designed to reflect ‘the sky above’, in reference to radioastronomy, one of the areas of science Pawsey closely supports.

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The cabinet artwork on Magnus, ‘SKA Satellites on the Murchison’ by Margaret Whitehurst, is a homage to the Centre’s close connection to the north-west of Western Australia. It has been designed to reflect ‘the ground below’, in reference to geoscience, one of the areas of science the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre supports most closely.

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What's possible

  • Tier-1 High Performance Computing centre
  • World-class supercomputing expertise
  • Range of workflows and user requirements
  • Beginner, intermediary and advanced supercomputing training

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