Nimbus is Pawsey’s on-site, flexible and fast high-throughput computing (HTC) infrastructure complementary to Pawsey’s large-scale HPC facilities.   

Nimbus is an integrated data-intensive infrastructure that facilitates large data workflows and computational tasks and offers a data analytics capability. 

Its self-service structure allows researchers to administer the entirety of their software environment, data storage and even the operating system within their own instance. 

This high throughput cloud infrastructure represents a significant improvement from the original Nimbus cloud, in CPU, memory and storage, providing enhanced computational flexibility, accessibility and speed.  

Nimbus allows researchers to process and analyse larger volumes of data through additional storage and opportunities to work with Kubernetes container orchestration, building on Pawsey’s existing container technology for its HPC systems. 

If you would like to apply to use Nimbus, click here to read about the application process.

Technical specifications

  • 3,700 cores and 58TB of RAM
  • 9PB of volume storage
  • 12 NVidia V100 GPU nodes
  • 100 Gb Ethernet networking
Nimbus, Pawsey’s cloud service is a flexible and fast high-throughput computing service
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