Pawsey’s cloud service, Nimbus is an integrated data-intensive infrastructure designed for national research-specific cloud service. Nimbus facilitates large data workflows and computational tasks and offers a data analytics capability.

The service is open to any Australian researcher, including within state government; on Nimbus, researchers have:

  • Access to the Pawsey data storage facility
  • Dedicated access to GPU* and high-performance computing nodes
  • A centralised system and toolset for data science applications, such as data analytics and machine learning, with data-centric workflows and visualisation
  • Expert help from a dedicated support team
  • The application process is simple – complete a Nimbus Application Form.

Technical specifications

  • 3000 cores and 16TB of RAM across 46 compute nodes
  • 300TB (usable) of volume storage
  • 12 NVidia V100 GPU nodes with Intel Xeon processors
  • Available for HPC, interactive computing, machine learning and data analytics
Nimbus, Pawsey’s cloud service is an integrated data-intensive infrastructure.
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