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10 June 2022

Researchers’ storage fully commissioned

Announced last year, Pawsey’s multi-tier storage, based on the largest research-focused object storage systems in the world, is now operational.  Besides more capacity, the new storage capabilities – known as Banksia and Acacia – deliver more flexible workflows and better performance, interoperability and scalability for Australian researchers.  The 130 PB multi-tier storage system, includes:  Warm

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Quantum Brilliance team installing the first room-temperature Quantum Computer at Pawsey
31 May 2022

Pawsey Installs First Room-Temperature On-Premises Quantum Computer in a Supercomputing Centre

A field trial of a room-temperature, diamond-based quantum ‘accelerator’ is now underway as Australia’s Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre installs Quantum Brilliance’s computer in Perth, Western Australia ISC 2022, Hamburg, Germany, May 31, 2022 – Australia’s leading research supercomputing facility Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre has today announced the installation of the world’s first room-temperature diamond-based quantum

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Pawsey, UWA Quantum Education Hub Team with SpinQ Gemini at UWA
3 March 2022

Empowering students to have a quantum mindset

Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre is supporting a pioneering quantum education and research program to enable students access to one of the first educational quantum computers in Australia. Based at the University of Western Australia (UWA), the new program will enable researchers and students to upskill in the emerging area of quantum computing and engage with

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A collage of the 2021/2022 Pawsey summer internship cohort
14 February 2022

2022 Interns: A demonstration of immense talent in supercomputing

The 2022 Pawsey Intern Showcase has marked the completion of another successful Summer Internship Program and demonstrated again the immense talent and potential emerging in the field of supercomputing. The virtual conference celebrated the work and achievements of this year’s cohort following the completion of a ten-week internship program. Pawsey’s annual internship program, open to

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11 February 2022

A celebration of women and girls in science

We were delighted to mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science with the visit of the Minister for Science and Technology Hon Melissa Price and four WA Superstars in STEM, which features a number of our own Pawsey superstars. At Pawsey, our mission is to enable science and accelerate discovery, and we

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9 February 2022

NCRIS: The power behind Australia’s science

Australian science continues to make national and international headlines, most recently focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2019 – 2020 Australian bushfires. Behind these headlines, you will find a community of impassioned researchers. And behind them, you will find a network of research enablers from NCRIS, the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy. Since 2004,

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Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs, purple) on the surface of a killer T cell (blue)
1 February 2022

Nebula: New web-based remote visualisation Windows cluster is now available

Welcome Nebula! We are delighted to announce our new Windows-based visualisation cluster which will make it easier for researchers to access and build visualisations. Nebula is available via the web, which means researchers can access this resource on the fly without needing to install any client software on their laptops. It will also support touch-enabled

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9 December 2021

Appointment of new Pawsey Chair

The Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre today announced Tim Shanahan has been appointed its new Chair. Mr Shanahan succeeds John Langoulant who had been Pawsey’s Chair since 2014. Mr Shanahan joins Pawsey’s board with more than 20 years’ experience in leading and driving performance across a wide range of industries, including ICT, research, infrastructure, energy, minerals,

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3 December 2021

PaCER, changing the science and research landscape

Understanding flow-induced processes at a molecular level is a weighty challenge that could not be tackled without the use of supercomputing. But this materials science research will impact many industrial applications in lubrication of gears, engine bearings and magnetic hard drives. It is just one of the projects supported by the PaCER program, which helps researchers optimise their algorithms, codes and workflows for next-generation supercomputers such as Setonix. PaCER – Pawsey Centre for Extreme Scale Readiness – is

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3 December 2021

Setonix caps a year of big milestones for Pawsey

It was a year that started with the Pawsey Centre awarding contracts to procure multi-tier storage facilities and ends with our first ever P’Con event, while acceptance testing continues for our new world-class supercomputer, Setonix.   Every way you look at it, it has been a momentous year for Pawsey, as our timeline of achievements and milestones below shows.  After several COVID-19 related delays, Setonix and

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