Setonix (Phase 1)

Setonix, a state-of-the-art HPE Cray EX supercomputer to be housed at Pawsey Centre, will be built on the same architecture used in world-leading exascale supercomputer projects including Frontier at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and El Capitan at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. 

Stage 1, will provide a 45 percent increase in compute power in one-fifth of the size compare with Magnus and Galaxy, enabling researchers to migrate away from the existing systems to the new architecture.

Technical specifications

Manufacturer: HPE Cray
Model: EX Supercomputer

  • More than 500 AMD EPYC “Milan” CPU nodes (65k cores total)   
    • 64 cores, 2.55GHz, 2 per node   
    • 256GB per node   
  • Eight 1 TB High Mem CPU nodes   
  • Eight Data mover nodes   
  • Sixteen Visualization nodes   
  • Four Login nodes  
  • Connected by HPE’s Slingshot interconnect (100Gb/sec) 
  • Lustre file systems /scratch (14 PB [3 SSD, 11 HDD]), /software   
  • NFS /home   
Wajarri Yamatji visual artist Margaret Whitehurst produced the artwork for Setonix, inspired by the stars that shine over Wajarri country in Western Australia’s Mid-West.
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