• Dr Fangbao Tian
    Using fish to teach underwater robots to swim
    Computational Fluid DynamicsUniversity of New South Wales
    See case study
  • Dr Paula Moolhuijzen & Dr Caroline Moffat
    Fighting Fungus: Using Genomics to Combat Wheat Diseases
    PLANT PROTECTIONCurtin University
    See case study
  • Dr Jatin Kala
    From global to local: climate change predictions for your own backyard
    ClimateMurdoch University
    See case study
  • Dr Karen Lee-Waddell
    Throwing Light on Dark Matter
    See case study
  • Dr Christopher Leonardi
    Understanding Fluid Behaviour to Improve Gas Well Productivity
    Petroleum and Reservoir EngineeringThe University of Queensland
    See case study
  • Professor Jason Evans
    Better Climate Models to Protect Australia
    ClimateThe University of New South Wales
    See case study
  • Prof. Linqing Wen
    Listening to the Ripples of The Universe
    Gravitational-Wave AstronomyThe University Of Western Australia
    See case study
  • Prof. Lloyd Hollenberg
    A Simulation for Our Quantum Future
    Quantum ComputingUniversity of Melbourne
    See case study
  • Prof. Igor Bray
    When Atoms Collide
    ATOMIC PHYSICSCurtin University
    See case study
  • Charlotte Oskam
    Revealing the Hidden Bacterial World in Ticks
    BACTERIOLOGYMurdoch University
    See case study