Data Portal

The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre currently houses in excess of 40 Petabytes of data storage resources. The Pawsey Data Portal provides access to Pawsey’s data storage services, which are provided on a merit basis.

In addition to providing data storage for the most demanding research projects, our Data staff help researchers to maximise the potential of these vast data sets through a number of support services including:

  • Identifying and minimising bottlenecks in workflows.
  • Working with researchers to optimise research workflows.
  • Regular training workshops on best-practice methods and technology.

Access to the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre Data Stores (PSCDS) is governed by the Data Storage and Management Policy (DSMP).

Technical specifications

Access to the PSCDS

All data storage allocations are started here. Please note:

  • Compliance with the DSMP is mandatory.
  • A primary and a deputy project custodian, responsible for the data and granting access to others, are mandatory.
  • You must provide a project short name.
  • Applications < 5 TB are generally not considered.
  • Applications > 100 TB are reviewed by the Supercomputing Centre Data Allocation Committee.
  • A copy of the data must be available elsewhere (*).
  • Access is only via LiveARC (‘Mediaflux’).

(*) Unless exceptional circumstances.

Making data and code accessible to create significant scientific impact.
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Supercomputers to reflect different workflows and user requirements

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GPUs are accelerators which provide huge amounts of compute power but require less electrical power to run in comparison to conventional CPUs. Topaz will provide users with enhanced GPU capabilities, in particular, AI, computational work, machine learning workflows and data analytics

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Scientific data visualisation allows researchers to better understand their raw data and translate it into meaningful forms.

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