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Introduction to Containers on HPC (Radio Astronomy Focus)

26 April 2022
11:00am - 3:00pm

Join Pawsey specialists for this introduction to containers for High Performance Computing (HPC), using examples from radio astronomy.

Containers enable you to package up an application and its dependencies and encourage reproducibility, portability and shareability of computational workflows.

This workshop explores:

    The build of containers, including using the build process to write container recipes
    The use of containers, including the running and debugging of containers
    The merits, advantages and limitations of applying containers in radio astronomy
    A radio astronomy use case, to practice building and running a container

Key Takeaways / Objectives:

    Users will build a container image.
    Users will write a container recipe in both Docker and Singularity.
    Users will run and debug a Singularity container.
    Users will understand the best practices when building MPI containers.

Please complete the following episodes for this Carpentries-like lesson, found here:

    Basics of Singularity
    Building Images with Docker
    Build and share your own container image

Seating is limited.