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ResBaz: My Journey toward Supercomputers – researchers tell all

7 September 2022
3:00pm - 4:30pm

Join the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre and researchers from Curtin University to discover the importance of supercomputers in research, hear your peers’ journeys toward supercomputing and learn how to access Pawsey national research facilities at no cost to you or your team.

Come to discover how to get your scientific project to the next level faster with Setonix!

This is part of the ResBaz Perth 2022. To register or explore the week of events visit https://curtinic.github.io/ResBazPerth2022/

When your laptop is not enough

  • Irene Suarez Martinez
  • Liam Scarlett

Are Pawsey services for you?

  • Ann Backhaus, Pawsey Education Manager and
  • Pascal Elahi,  Pawsey Supercomputing Applications Specialist



About the presenters

Curtin researchers

Irene Suarez Martinez

Irene is a materials scientist with +15 years of experience in research using Supercomputer to performed atomistic modelling of materials. An expert on carbon materials, she has worked with almost every carbon material known from diamond to graphite, from coal to nanostructures. Irene’s research focuses on both the chemistry and physics of carbon materials. The team works to investigate the reactivity, stability and mechanical properties of crystalline and amorphous forms of carbon.

Irene is a member of the Australian National Committee for Materials Science and Engineering and a strong supporter of diverse career pathways in STEM. Since Irene moved to Australia she has successfully secured funds through the Australian Research Council (ARC) including fellowship schemes (Postdoctoral Fellowship and Future Fellowship)

Liam Scarlett

Liam is a research associate in the Theoretical Physics Group at Curtin University, working alongside some of the world’s leading researchers in quantum collision theory. Liam completed his PhD on electron-molecule collisions in 2021 and is now working on expanding the capabilities of the molecular scattering codes and collaborating with Pawsey staff as part of the PaCER scheme to optimise the codes for the Setonix supercomputer. Liam is a regular user of supercomputers both in Australia and the USA and has been using Pawsey supercomputing services for the last eight years.


Pawsey experts

Pascal Elahi

Pascal obtained a PhD in Astrophysics from Queen’s University, Canada. His background is in numerical astrophysics, where he explored the physics governing the Universe through complex virtual universes. In addition, he has an extensive track record of developing astronomical software for HPC systems.

At Pawsey, he is responsible for assisting researchers to efficiently parallelise their codes and port them onto Pawsey’s infrastructure. Pascal undertakes technical assessments of parallelised applications for performance on supercomputers and assists research groups in scaling their research applications and simulations from hundreds to thousands of processors.


Ann Backhaus

Ann Backhaus

Ann is the Education and Training Manager at Pawsey. Ann has significant experience in adult teaching and learning, as well as training project and program design, development and management. She has led distributed, global training teams strategically and operationally from many bases, including Indonesia, the U.S.A., Australia, and Europe. She has experimented with various modalities and approaches for training and documentation in technical and technology areas, including, most recently, HPC. She has deep and broad experience in online and blended learning. Her experience spans numerous industries and sectors, including government, academia, and private enterprise.