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Setonix Phase 2 Migration Training: Modules 1 and 2 (Conduct 2)

23 May 2023
12:30pm - 2:30pm

Join Pawsey Specialists for the Setonix Phase 2 Migration Training/Workshop.

To support your transition to using the new Setonix GPUs, Pawsey is providing trainings/workshops and AMAs (Ask. Me. Anything.).

This training will be conducted virtually. It will cover:

  • Module 1: (30 minutes): Using GPUs on Setonix. You will learn about:
    • The timing of the availability of Setonix Phase 2 and its impact on Topaz users
    • The available Setonix compute resources following the Phase 2 upgrade
    • Developing your plan to migrate Topaz workflows to Setonix (if needed)
    • The availability of GPU-enabled programs in the Setonix software stack
    • The accounting model for the GPU partitions on Setonix
    • Scheduling and running GPU jobs on Setonix
  • Module 2: (90 minutes) Installing and Developing GPU Software on Setonix. You will learn about:
    • GPU programming technologies, such as ROCm, HIP
    • GPU offloading technologies, such as OpenMP and OpenACC
    • Best practises for installing GPU-enabled software on Setonix
    • GPU development tools available on Setonix, including compilers, debuggers, and profilers   
    • NOTE: The 45-minute training will be followed by a 45-minute hands-on session. 

To ensure a smooth transition to Setonix, we strongly recommend engaging with the training sessions, materials and documentation. 

There is no cost and no limit on registrations.

You can also view the training recording on Pawsey’s Playlist: Setonix Phase 2 Migration Training

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