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The Anti-Conference

The Anti-conference: Innovation, Inspiration, Intelligence. Western Australia’s Flagship event for National Science Week 2023, get ready to immerse yourself in WA’s latest innovation. 

This isn’t your typical conference, it’s a uniquely Western Australian Anti-conference. We’re bringing interactive workshops, quizzes and debates to the heart of Perth.

Broken up into two sections, the day will include: 

🧬 Innovation: Anti-conference
8.30am – 12.30pm

​Have you ever wondered what innovation is happening right here in Western Australia but didn’t know how to find out without sitting through an hour-long presentation? So did we. Cue the Anti-conference, a day filled with 30 minute interactive sessions, hands on workshops and fascinating exhibitors.

​Join us in Hackett Hall and the Woodside Learning Studios to hear about robotics, carbon sequestering, the space industry, antibiotic resistance, renewable energy and more.​

🔬 Inspiration: Anti-conference
1.10pm – 5.00pm

In this afternoon session we’ll be continuing to explore WA based innovation through 30 minute sessions. Hear about the deep sea, unexpected career pathways, the diversity within teams, and the likelihood of finding love (and aliens). Or have a go at coding a drone and learning the ropes of Quantum computing.

Get involved with Pawsey:
Panel discussion: Inspiring Western Australia

👩‍🏫 Fathima Haseen – Pawsey, Dr Paige Maroni – Minderoo-UWA Deep-Sea Research Centre
🕖 1.35pm – 2.05pm
📍 Hackett Hall

In this discussion we’ll be joined by the woman developing the knowledge and skills to harness High Performance Computing at Australia’s most powerful public research supercomputing facilities and Australia’s deepest diving Australian woman. Hear about how passion can be combined with a career and prepare to be inspired!

Workshop: Quantum Games and Computing with Quantum Girls

🗓️ Date: Saturday 12th August
⏰ Time: 3:45pm – 4:20pm
📍 Location: Woodside Learning Studio 1

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Organised by:

ChemCentre, CSIRO, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Engineers Australia, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation, Minderoo Foundation, Murdoch University, Stan Perron Charitable Foundation, SciTech, University of Western Australia & Western Australian Museum