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February 2021
Magnus' Last Dance: The Magnus Supercomputer on a teal background
26 February 2021

Magnus’ last dance

Pawsey’s Magnus petascale supercomputer is being retired at the end of this year. As one of Australia’s Tier-1 public access supercomputers, users have clocked over one billion core hours since its inception 6 years ago. Magnus has helped more than 100 projects each year. This year is the last allocation year for Magnus before its

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24 February 2021

Pawsey unveils its super-fast tribute to the quokka

The world’s friendliest animal will lend its name to Australia’s fastest new research supercomputer, with the Pawsey Centre confirming its new system will be named Setonix – the scientific name for the quokka. The HPE Cray EX supercomputer will be 30 times more powerful than Pawsey’s existing systems, Magnus and Galaxy, and will be used to help accelerate research projects such as the

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